Prolix Music Vertigo Guitar Humidifcation System, One Humidifer

Prolix Music Vertigo Guitar Humidifcation System, One Humidifer

Model: Vertigo-System UPC: 860003279250
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Prolix Music Vertigo Guitar Humidifcation System

Drop in the humidifier when the action gets too low, and remove it when that sweet action returns.

If you keep your guitar in a case, monitor the humidity inside the sound hole. When it drops below 45% RH you will know it is time to humidify, and when it exceeds 55% RH you will know it’s time to stop.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the outdoor humidity. Relative Humidity is temperature dependent. As such, heated indoor air is often much drier than the air outside. DO NOT squeeze, wring or apply excessive pressure to the humidifier as this can damage the polymer beads and may cause extrusion.

Notes about the Vertigo Guitar Humidifier:
  • Rarely, while charging, small amounts of polymer extrusion may occur. If you experience this, simply wipe away, it will not damage your guitar or the tone wood in any way.
  • The polymer cannot be absorbed by your guitar and will not harm the wood of your instrument in any way.
  • Time may be extended when using water with higher solute concentrations (i.e. hard water). Times can vary by region. Contains Sodium Polyacrylate. Keep away from animals and children. Do not swallow. If ingested, seek medical attention.
  • Register your 3 year warranty for future product discounts.
  • Treat the humidifier with care and it should last a lifetime.


  • Model: Vertigo-System
  • Manufactured by: Prolix Music
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 860003279250
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