Pujol | Tres piezas viajeras for solo guitar

Pujol | Tres piezas viajeras for solo guitar

Model: 27296 / 114-42345 UPC: 680160687534 ISBN: 9781491135365
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Tres piezas viajeras
Three Traveling Pieces for Guitar

Composer: Maximo Diego Pujol
Instrumentation: Solo Guitar
8 pages
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company

Imagination mixed with local authenticity are among the hallmarks of the legendary Argentinian composer and guitarist Pujol. TRES PIEZAS VIAJERAS is clothed as a travelogue, yet it is also a dance suite bringing together the main musical genres of the Rio de la Plata district of Buenos Aires. The “Bremen” movement (composed in Germany) is a modern tango, “Pesadumbre” is a slow milonga (an older folk dance that gave rise to tango), and the “Ezeiza” movement is an urbanized treatment of the candombe dance, known for its dizzying speed. Each movement may be played separately as well as in the complete setting making this work a versatile and stimulating addition to the repertoire.


  • Model: 27296 / 114-42345
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 680160687534
  • ISBN: 9781491135365
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