Ron DeLano | Imaginary Travels Book and CD

Ron DeLano | Imaginary Travels Book and CD

Model: 6135 / imaginary BCD
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Book and CD can be purchased separately.

Music for Solo Guitar

Clean and pure solo steel string acoustic guitar music in a virtuoso "New Age" and "World Music" style.

Intermediate and advanced pieces for the fingerstyle guitarist in standard & open tunings presented in both standard notation & tablature.

Both the classical guitarist and the fingerpicking style guitarist will find these pieces to be a joy to play and an interesting technical challenge appropriate for both the intermediate and advance player. The music continues in the pioneering style both compositionally and technically of the "New Age" guitarists of the eighties and nineties as well as drawing from world music and bluegrass traditions. This style of music utilizes familiar fingerpicking and classical guitar technique as a starting point but utilizes extensively the overlapping or cross fingerings to create a sustained piano effect for interesting coloring and fullness. Even classical puists will see immediately the value of having the standard notation, the recording and the tablature for complete and clear instructions for performance. The player will find the extensive use of open strings juxtaposed on often high fretted strings as well as extensive use of open tunings to be distinct daparture from most of the classical repertoire. While a classical nylon string guitar may be used, a steel string guitar with typically lower action, excellent string sustain and narrow string spacing is in most cases recommended.

Song List
1. Nch'i-wana 4:29
2. Ferns and Falls 4:07
3. Beltane Queen 2:28
4. Flow 4:38
5. Midnight Dunes 3:41
6. Soledad 4:23
7. Klondike 2:31
8. Rising Sun 6:13
9. Waves 4:53
10. Mexican Getaway 3:37
11. Soaring 5:03
12. Riversong Waltz 2:40
13. Wild Turkey 3:27
14. Tender Heroes 5:11

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  • Model: 6135 / imaginary BCD
  • Manufactured by: DeLano
  • Condition: New
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