Rosette Guitar Case Therapy-Pak

Rosette Guitar Case Therapy-Pak

Model: GCTP-01
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Guitar Case Therapy-Pak
The Rosette Case Therapy-Pak adds a little delight to your instrument case. Taking a little from the Luthier's shop and the outside woods.
Based on Aromatherapy, it puts you in a good place every time you open your case. Works great for that guitar case that came from a smokey home, or if you just want to refresh your instrument case.

All natural mixture of organics related to wood instruments.
Fine mesh cotton inner bag, Quality Jute outer bag. Manufactured and Certified Fair Trade
A very light essance from Natural Cedar Hearts, Balsam Fir Needles, Cinnamon, Rose Hips, Sandalwood and Cedar Shavings.
Measures 3" x 5"
Made In USA


  • Model: GCTP-01
  • Manufactured by: Rosette
  • Condition: New

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