Sanz | Preludio-Fuga-Jacaras etc. for solo guitar

Sanz | Preludio-Fuga-Jacaras etc. for solo guitar

Model: 7212 / UE34486 UPC: 803452064688 ISBN: 9783702467494
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This is an album of pieces for the Baroque guitar, penned in the 17th century by guitar composer and teacher Gaspar Sanz. As the sound of the Baroque guitar is quite different from the modern classical guitar, this edition makes an effort to retain and transfer the musical idiom of the guitarra espaƱola (as the Baroque guitar was known in its day), through the use of techniques such as the campanela and the use of ties. The comprehensive fingering is itneded to help players achieve as authentic a sound as possible. The fingering has been positioned vertically so that the notation is easy to read and is text-centered. For advanced players.

Universal Edition


  • Model: 7212 / UE34486
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 803452064688
  • ISBN: 9783702467494

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