Schneiderman / Yamaya | Duets for Baroque Lute & Mandolin

Schneiderman / Yamaya | Duets for Baroque Lute & Mandolin

Model: 25707 / HC21006 UPC: 881488210064
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For Baroque Lute & Mandolino
John Schneiderman, Lute - Hideki Yamaya, Lute

After enjoying several centuries of sustained popularity and relevance in European musical life, the lute family of instruments was undeniably falling out of prominence by the end of the 17th-century. There were, of course, exceptions: most notable of which are the baroque lute in Central and Eastern Europe, and the baroque mandolino in Italy. What we call baroque lute today, the 11- or 13-course lute in its idiomatic D minor tuning, was developed in France in early 17th-century. The mandolino in Italy was given a tuning of mostly fourths, similar to that of lute in Renaissance tuning. There is no known music for both instruments together. A strong case could be made for their pairing today. First, they complement each other range-wise. Second, they are a good match textually and dynamically. Critically acclaimed virtuoso of plucked instruments since age nine, John Schneiderman specializes in the performance practice and repertoire of eighteenth-century lutes and nineteenth-century guitars. Hideki Yamaya is a performer of lutes, early guitars, and early mandolins based in Connecticut, USA.


  • Model: 25707 / HC21006
  • Manufactured by: Schneiderman, John
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 881488210064
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