Seiko SAT100 Tuner

Seiko SAT100 Tuner

Model: SAT100 UPC: 818443000972
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Since its innovative founding in 1881, SEIKO has produced one revolutionary product after another.
Seiko's metronomes and tuners will satisfy you with their high performance. Whenever you need correct tempo and beat or precise tuning, Seiko is a wise choice.
Today, while time-pieces remain the heart of Seiko's business, its technological expertise in micro-engineering and mechatronics has launched the company into many diverse fields including mechanical metronomes, quartz tuners, and electronic tuners.

Easy-to-read indicator
Stunning guitar / bass tuner with reference sound.
Input jack and output jack for patching the tuner between the guitar / bass and amp input
Newly developed sharp tuning function (1-7) for players using capotasto
Digital cent indication offers supremely accurate tuning
Technical Info
Dimensions: 4.17 (W) x 2.7 (H) x 0.65 (D) in. (106 x 69 x 16.5 mm)
Tuning modes: auto/manual/sound

Tuning range: guitar (7B,6E,5A,4D,3G,2B,1E), bass (LowB,4E,3A,2D,1G,HiC)
Reference sound: guitar (7B,6E,5A,4D,3G,2B,1E), bass (LowB,4E,3A,2D,1G,HiC)
Pitch shift: A4=435-446Hz
Others: flat tuning, sharp tuning
Auto power off: yes
Memory back up: yes


  • Model: SAT100
  • Manufactured by: 0-Discontinue
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 818443000972
Seiko SAT100 Tuner