Sevcik | Op. 1, Part 1 for cello

Sevcik | Op. 1, Part 1 for cello

Model: 13896 / HL14029821 UPC: 884088429508 ISBN: 9781846096099
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Thumb Placing Exercises
Series: Music Sales America
Publisher: Bosworth
Publisher Code: BOE003543
Author: Otakar Sevcik

These exercises lead the student through the various thumb positions and, by constant use of the fourth finger, strengthen it and give it security in the higher positions. Indeed, the book deals with all the technical difficulties in connection with the placing of the thumb, providing exercises which will help cellists to overcome these difficulties. With English, French, German, Czech and Italian instructions.

36 pages


  • Model: 13896 / HL14029821
  • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 884088429508
  • ISBN: 9781846096099
Sevcik | Op. 1, Part 1 for cello