Suite in C Major by Leopold Weiss

Suite in C Major by Leopold Weiss

Model: 13180 / CNP74338
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Composer: Silvius Leopold Weiss
Arranged for Solo Guitar by Joseph Mayes

Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Pages: 12

The original Ms is in French tablature and is very exact as to where each note should be played on the baroque lute. Unfortunately, that instrument’s tuning is different from the modern guitar as to make those note placements irrelevant for the guitar. In fingering the suite, I have tried to keep the spirit of the music as dictated by the original. The fingering I have added is meant to facilitate performance, and as such is only a suggestion. The tablature is heavily ornamented, but only indicating where to play an ornament and from which direction it should start – the exact ornament is left to the discretion of the player. I have indicated in the fingering only those ornaments which I thought obligatory for the style. Players should feel free to add their own.


  • Model: 13180 / CNP74338
  • Manufactured by: CNP-Consignment
  • Condition: New

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