The Art of Lutherie (Book + Online Video) by Tom Bills

The Art of Lutherie (Book + Online Video) by Tom Bills

Model: 14896 / MB30105M UPC: 9780786691692 ISBN: 9780786691692
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The Art Of Lutherie offers a glimpse into the mind and craft of luthier Tom Bills, whom many consider to be one of the most talented luthiers today. In this beautifully written and enjoyable read, Tom elegantly and clearly shares his best-kept secrets and methods of custom guitar making - those which make his guitars favorites among top collectors and players. Tom's unique approach to The Art Of Lutherie will empower and inspire you to create more than just a guitar, but a truly unique work of art.

The information that is generously shared within this insightful and timeless work is both practical and applicable. It contains the same hard-won wisdom that only comes from years of experience and experimentation that Tom uses in creating his inspiring instruments. Over the years, he has produced instruments considered to be some of the best sounding guitars ever made. Learning the steps of how to build a guitar is important, but understanding why master luthiers take those steps and make those decisions can empower you to make your own educated choices. This will allow you to create unique guitars, and the world needs your art, your guitars - your important contribution.

The Art Of Lutherie, a truly unique and inspiring guide, can prepare you to reach new heights when designing and creating unique guitars."It is not often I heap such lavish praise on people; however, Tom is in this case more than deserving: I know of no other luthier whose work I respect more. Tom knows his craft inside and out; he pours his soul into every guitar he makes; he uses cutting-edge science to guide his work, and it head of Artist Relations and Product Development at Mel Bay, it gives me great pleasure to publish Tom's work, which will no doubt take the art of lutherie to a new level. I hope you'll spend some time soaking in this book - it will certainly augment your musicality - Collin Bay. Includes access to online video.

Product Number:30105M
Format:Book + Online Video
Size:8.75 x 11.75
Publisher:Mel Bay Publications, Inc.


  • Model: 14896 / MB30105M
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9780786691692
  • ISBN: 9780786691692

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