The Coda Duo | Sonata Andaluz CD

The Coda Duo | Sonata Andaluz CD

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The Coda Duo is an award-winning classical guitar duo based in Columbia, SC. Members Brett Floyd and Christopher Jenkins have performed concerts in numerous venues in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, Washington DC, Missouri, and won first place at the Brownsville Guitar Ensemble Festival and Competition in May 2010.

The Coda Duo has performed on numerous performing arts series, including The Candlelight Concert Series at Bruton Parish in Williamsburg, VA, The UUC of Charleston, SC Candlelight Series, Midday Music in Aiken, SC, Wednesdays at Trinity Cathedral in Columbia, SC, and Tuesday’s Music Live in Augusta, GA. Other performances include the Knoxville, TN Guitar Society Concert Series, Classical Revolution DC, and the Music in Great Places Series. They have also performed and taught masterclasses in guest artist concert series at George Mason University, Indiana State University, Erskine College, Anderson University, and the Rosario Guitar Festival. In addition, the ensemble has been featured on ETV Radio South Carolina.

The Coda Duo also released "Sonata Andaluz" this past year. The CD includes the title sonata which was dedicated to The Coda Duo by German composer Ralf Bauer. The recording includes a wide variety of pieces from composers such as J.S. Bach, Granados, Debussey, and American composer Brent McPike.

CD Review
"The CD is a great blend of weight pieces and light entertainment. There is enough variety to keep you listening, and enough musicianship to keep you enthralled. What I like the best about this album and The Coda Duo in general is the two very distinctive voices. So many guitar duo’s get caught up in making tone exactly, making one guitar indistinguishable from the other. Here we have two outstanding guitarists, with two distinct voices. The result: a combination greater than the sum of its parts and a lot of really well done music making." by Christopher Davis

Track Listing

Ralf Bauer-Morkens (b. 1953)
Sonata Andaluz*

1. Allegro
2. Adagio
3. Presto


4. Vals

J.S. Bach (1685-1750)

5. Invention no. 1
6. Invention no. 3
7. Invention no. 4
8. Invention no. 6

Enrique Grandados (1867-1916)

9. Spanish Dance no. 3

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

10. Standchen

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

11. Clair de Lune

B.G. McPike (b. 1966)

12. Into Your Company


13. The Blue Hole

*composed for and dedicated to The Coda Duo

Record Label: The Coda Duo


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