The Coda Duo | Spaces Between CD

The Coda Duo | Spaces Between CD

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ARTISTS: Christopher Jenkins, guitar | Brett Floyd, guitar

Music by The Coda Duo
1: Stay or Leave
Originally written by Dave Matthews and first appeared on his solo album, Some Devil. Brett arranged this for The Coda Duo in the summer of 2013 and it appears on their new album, Spaces Between. This arrangement uses percussion techniques, muting techniques and moves between 6/8 and 4/4 meters.
Music by Brett
2: Vals for Christine sample
This world premiere recording was performed by Brett Floyd. Composer Ralf Bauer wrote this piece for his wife. She always loved latin music and he composed this piece shortly before she passed from this world. It is a beautiful piece filled with the emotions of loss and the tender joys of reflecting on the past.

3: Farewell sample
This world premiere recording was performed by Brett Floyd. Ralf Bauer composed this piece as a farewell to childhood, mixed with the struggles of adulthood and the beauty of a childhood remembered.

4: Sevilla sample
Originally composed for piano by Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz, this piece has found much
Music by The Coda Duo
5: Adios Muchacha
Composer Fabrice Pierrat has written a beautiful tango and dedicated it to The Coda Duo. Adios Muchacha is in three beautiful yet distinct sections. The first is rhythmically driving, the second is softer but with an edge and the third is a slow section with a beautiful melody surrounded with lush harmonies. Pierrat composed this after saying goodbye to a dedicated student who continued her studies in France.

6: Seguidilla
Composed for and dedicated to The Coda Duo, Ralf Bauer continues Sonata Andaluz with a new movement. Based on the classic quick, triple-time Castilian folksong and dance form, this new work brings a different approach to duo music. The name Seguidilla is actually a diminutive of the word seguida, which means, "to follow." This is largely how this piece is composed, one guitar leads as the other follows. There are only a few measures near the end where both guitars play together.
Music by Chris
7: Lagrima
This world premiere was composed by Ralf Bauer and performed by Christopher Jenkins. This piece is Bauer’s own take on the famous Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega. The translation of the title means tears and both Tarrega and Bauer bring this meaning to life.

8: Cadiz
Originally composed by Isaac Albeniz for the piano, Christopher Jenkins brings this classic Spanish piece to the guitar.

9: Asturias
Also known as Leyenda (The Legend), this piece was composed by Isaac Albeniz for piano but was inspired by Andalusian flamenco. Albeniz's biographer, Walter Aaron Clark, describes the piece as "pure Andalusian flamenco." This show piece is one of the most widely known pieces for classical guitar and is played by Christopher Jenkins.
Music by The Coda Duo
10-15: Kaleidoscope, Op.19 (March, Zingara, Musette, Berceuse, Chinese Carillon, Burlesque)
This six-movement work was composed by Academy Award winning film composer Miklos Roza. Originally written for solo piano, this music was brought to life on two guitars by Gregg Nestor. Roza composed the piece for his children, each movement inspired by an aspect of his children’s personalities. Much of The Coda Duo’s interpretational research came from listening to a vinyl record of an orchestrated version of Kaleidoscope conducted by Rozsa himself.


  • Model: 14100 / 07378 CD
  • Manufactured by: Jenkins (Coda Duo)
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 888295073783
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