The Music Teaching Artist's Bible Becoming a Virtuoso Educator

The Music Teaching Artist's Bible Becoming a Virtuoso Educator

Model: 13482 / 9780195368468 ISBN: 9780195368468
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Author: Eric Booth
Binding: Paperback
336 Pages
Dimensions: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
Released: February 2009
Publisher: Oxford University Press

When the artist moves into the classroom or community to educate and inspire students and audience members, this is Teaching Artistry. It is a proven means for practicing professional musicians to create a successful career in music, providing not only necessary income but deep and lasting satisfaction through engaging people in learning experiences about the arts. Filled with practical advice on the most critical issues facing the music teaching artist today--from economic and time-management issues of being a musician and teacher to communicating effectively with students--The Music Teaching Artist's Bible uncovers the essentials that every musician needs in order to thrive in this role. Author Eric Booth offers both inspiration and how-to, step-by-step guidance in this truly comprehensive manual that music teaching artists will turn to again and again. The book also includes critical information on becoming a mentor, succeeding in school environments, partnering with other teaching artists, advocating for music and arts education, and teaching private lessons.

The Music Teaching Artist's Bible helps practicing and aspiring teaching artists gain the skills they need to build new audiences, improve the presence of music in schools, expand the possibilities of traditional and educational performances, and ultimately make their lives as an artists even more satisfying and fulfilling.

Special Features

  • Equips the music teaching artist with all of the information and techniques essential for success
  • Written by one of the preeminent music teaching artists and trainers of music teaching artists
  • Makes a powerful and inspiring case for teaching artistry as critical to the future of the arts


    Part I: Context
    1. What is a Teaching Artist?
    2. Teaching Artists in the Arts Learning Ecosystem
    3. Guidelines for Teaching Artistry
    4. The Best Reason for Being a Teaching Artist
    5. Balancing the Two Economies of Today's Musician
    Part II: The Overlooked Essentials
    6. Role Play: The Four Angles in Arts Learning
    7. Inside the Liminal Zone
    8. The Habits of Mind of Musical Learning
    9. The Essential Skills of the 21st Century Artist
    10. Creating the Playground
    Part III: Learning to Be a Teaching Artist
    11. The Entry Point Question--Where to Begin?
    12. A Teaching Artist's Curriculum
    13. What Does "Better" Look Like?
    14. Mentoring: Myths and Mission
    Part IV: The Fundamentals of Working in Education Settings
    15. Truth and Dare in Education Programs
    16. How to Succeed in School Environments
    17. Getting Schooled on School Performances
    18. Art for Art's Sake or for the School's Sake?
    19. Blind Dates, Steady Dating, and Musical Marriages
    Part V: Current Challenges
    20. Arts Integration: The Hot Zone
    21. Reflecting on Reflection
    22. The Dos and Don'ts of Assessment
    23. Feedback: Giving and Getting It Right
    Part VI: Bringing Teaching Artistry into Performances
    24. Fuller Audience Engagement: What Does It Look Like?
    25. Speak Up or Shut Up?: Using Words in Performance
    26. Interactive Performances
    27. The Very Open Rehearsal
    Part VII Expanding the Roles of the Teaching Artist
    28. The Essential Educational Entrepreneur
    29. The Private Music Lesson
    30. The Everyday Advocate
    31. The Telling Facts of Advocacy
    Part VIII Beyond the Borders
    32. They Take the High Road
    33. The Planet Gets It Together
    34. The Guiding Spirit


  • Model: 13482 / 9780195368468
  • Manufactured by: Oxford University Press
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9780195368468

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