The Student Repertoire Series, Volume 1 (bk/CD)

The Student Repertoire Series, Volume 1 (bk/CD)

Model: 11613 / GSP106P ISBN: 0962783250
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39 graded pieces for beginners/a great teaching aid

"Lawrence Ferrara has created a product sorely needed in guitar pedagogy: a graded resource of easy music that students will enjoy. The quality of the edition is exemplary, with copious notes on historical background and technical advice for each selection, along with an extensive glossary of musical terms and guitar indications. Ferrara's series could become the standard source for beginning guitar curricula." -William Kanengiser, American Music Teacher Magazine

"A collection of easy pieces with a CD. There's no Aguado or Mertz here but there are nicely arranged Mexican dances, Sakura, Greensleeves, and "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven. As per usual with GSP editions, this represents the highest caliber with regard to the engraving and print of the detailed commentary in the good-looking bound book." -Gitarre & Laute Magazine

"This is a book of 39 pieces for beginners with detailed explanations. Very useful, not only for students, but for teachers as well." *** -Gendai Guitar Magazine

"Another great book for beginners, offers graded solos for beginning classical guitarists. Ferrara includes detailed performance notes and practice tips. Students can also hear each piece on the included CD- invaluable assistance for guitarists of any level." -Dylan Schorer, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"These 39 thoughtfully chosen pieces make not only a fine supplement for the beginning classical guitarist, but an excellent starting point for advanced nonclassical types wanting to master the lines and dots and even the simplest studies are attractive and substantive enough to hold the student's interest and includes a well-played, well-recorded CD of every example. With its sharp performance notes, music-stand-compatible layout and optional second parts to keep the instructor awake, this volume is a model of clarity and student-friendliness." -Joe Gore, Guitar Player Magazine

"The presentation is clear, and the fingering is reliable. All of the works also appear on the accompanying CD, which will be of great help to many students. It does contain more music than any single volume of the other graded series recently reviewed. It also gives much more information about the composers and the pieces, and the information offered is both pertinenet and helpful." -Soundboard Magazine


  • Model: 11613 / GSP106P
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 0962783250

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