The Suzuki Approach

The Suzuki Approach

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By Louise Behrend

Format: Book
In 1971 Louise Behrend collected a significant number of articles written about the Suzuki approach. These articles were published as a ten-part series in Allegro, the monthly newspaper of the New York Musicians' Union. The purpose was to clear up many widely held misconceptions about the Suzuki ideas and to encourage more fine players and teachers to explore Suzuki teaching. Now published in book form, this pioneering information becomes accessible to a much wider audience.
Afterword--1996-1997 Twenty-Five Years Later: Where We Are Today
Appendix 1: Contents of the Suzuki Violin School
Appendix 2: Teaching the Suzuki Student to Read--Three articles by Louise Behrend from the American Suzuki Journal
Appendix 3: Suzuki & Related Publications by Summy-Birchard, Inc
Appendix 4: A Selected Suzuki Reading List
Appendix 5: Some Useful Addresses
Introduction--The Suzuki Educational Philosophy
Chapter 1: The Teaching Process
Chapter 2: Structure of the Talent Education Organization--and some Questions and Answers
Chapter 3: The Suzuki Musical Materials and Their Use
Chapter 4: More Questions and Answers
Foreword---and a Little History


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