Two Stringed Fellows - Honed Nails & Blackmail | PDF Download

Two Stringed Fellows - Honed Nails & Blackmail | PDF Download

Model: TwoStringedFellows PDF
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Two Stringed Fellows - Honed Nails & Blackmail by Bri N. Lute (Brian Lutterbie)
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The life of any aspiring classical musician is filled with special challenges, but graduate guitar student John Stringfellow’s and his duo partner graduate violin student Sid Bowman add another layer of challenge and develop unexpected new performance skills when they take on a blackmailer in order to defend the honor of an important friend. In addition to a fun adventure story every reader will he treated to some meaningful and charming insight into a musician’s life. As a conservatory-trained guitarist, both the first Stringfellow adventure and this new adventure of Two Stringed Fellows took me on a very special trip back in time through the detailed accuracy of its portrayal of young musicians’ lives.
As Strings By Mail’s president, it is a special treat to be able to present our customers and their friends with this new installment in the Stringfellow series. I hope it provides you with some enjoyable entertainment.
As Strings By Mail’s president, I am thrilled to be able to present our customers and their friends with this initially free and unique diversion. I hope it provides you with some enjoyable entertainment.
John A. Wunsch
Strings By Mail - Where Your Dreams Come Tonally True

Author’s Note
I have been involved with the guitar in one form or another since the age of ten beginning with the nylon string and adding rock and jazz to my quiver of styles. I received a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where I was extremely fortunate to study with Douglas Niedt, a great teacher and performer. I was able to teach guitar privately and at the University level for decades. I also compose for the classic guitar as well as for rock bands and jazz ensembles. In April of 2019, I was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame for my work with a Kansas City rock band called Nation.
Strings By Mail became the impetus to write the first in a series of six John Stringfellow slightly long novellas with Two Stringed Fellows being the second in the series. These stories follow John Stringfellow through his furtherance towards his Master’s Degree in Guitar Performance and in addition to having guitar lessons; they always have a mystery involved with each story. I believe it will be especially entertaining for guitarists, musicians, and mystery readers, with further adventures to come!
Thanks to John A. Wunsch, president of Strings By Mail, for allowing this to happen, Rebecca W. Chown for her editing finesse, and Glenn Wolff for his wonderful art work again and my wife Vista for her valuable input and encouragement. This has been a great experience. Thank you for reading!


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