Yekutieli | Fairy Tales Sonatina for solo guitar

Yekutieli | Fairy Tales Sonatina for solo guitar

Model: 12836 / 494-02941
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Composer: Lior Yekutieli
Publisher: Editions Orphee (PWYS-108)
6 pages

1. Magic
2. Lost
3. Pride

The subtitles for the three movements of this Sonatina are associations of Lior's own personal interaction with the music he created. Lior feels The Magic while playing the first movement. The second movement is an expression of a personal loss of his ability to play for almost ten years. The clear flamenco influence in the last movement is reminiscent of flamenquistas’ pride in their own tradition..

This composition reflects and expresses Lior’s original style as well as his unique concept of the classical guitar, which is based on both his classical background and his Jazz style.‎


  • Model: 12836 / 494-02941
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New

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