21st Century Cejilla for 10 String classical / flamenco guitar

21st Century Cejilla for 10 String classical / flamenco guitar

Model: cejilla-10
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Beautiful and functional handmade cejillas for ten string classical and flamenco guitars. Newly designed with Kevlar string for superb durability and black hard neoprene rubber pad which virtually eliminates strings going out of tune when the cejilla is applied onto the fretboard. Each cejilla comes with a spare replacement pad. 90mm wide - If a custom width is preferred you can order one here: SBM SOI.

21st Century Cejillas are built in the USA. They are made from beautiful Rosewood (Central South America Rosewood), are unobtrusive, and all critical components are easily replaced. The 21st Century Cejilla was designed by a flamenco player for flamenco players!

The shape and height of the 21st Century Cejilla is designed to allow an unobstructed approach to first position chords.

Approximate length of pad for available string coverage is 3 1/2 inches or 88 mm.

With all traditional cejillas eventually the peg/hole wears due to wood rubbing against wood. The 21st Century Cejilla overcomes that problem by allowing for easy replacement of the peg. The peg shaft is shaped to fit the hole, rather than a hole drilled to fit the peg. When the fit is no longer snug, a new peg can be purchased, and with a little sanding, the new peg will fit snugly. Making the cejilla this way takes a little extra effort on the part of the maker, but it is worth it to the owner of one of these beautiful and functional creations.


  • Model: cejilla-10
  • Manufactured by: 21st Century Cejilla
  • Condition: New

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