A-Frame Refurbish Kit for both models

A-Frame Refurbish Kit for both models

Model: A-Frame Refurb Kit UPC: 796279113502
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Thousands of A-Frames have been put into use all over the world over the last 15+ yrs. If your suction cups or velcro strap are old and tired and in need of an upgrade, this is all you need to make your A-Frame like new again.

4 replacement suction cups
1 velcro strap

Instructions for replacing Suction Cups on the A-Frame Guitar Support

**Take a moment to study the A-Frame before taking it apart**

1. Place the "loop end" of the A-Frame in some boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds in order to soften the black tubing.
2. Remove the A-Frame from the water and grip the 2 long sides of the frame and pull them apart.
3. Remove the softened black tubing by pushing it to one side in order to expose the opening then slide the old suction cups off of the metal loop.
4. Slide the old suction cups off of the loop.
5. Slide the new suction cups onto the loop.
6. Slide the black tubing onto the loop.
7. Push the 2 long sides of the frame back through the tubing. You will need to work the ends of the frame pieces past each other INSIDE the black tubing. This is why you want it to be softened. If necessary, place the tubing back in the hot water before the final 2 steps in order to keep it soft.

BE CAREFUL not to burn yourself while working with the hot water.

Also, you can revive your current suction cups by placing them in hot water for a few seconds.


  • Model: A-Frame Refurb Kit
  • Manufactured by: A-Frame
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 796279113502

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