Bay | Mel Bay's Guitar Journals - Chords

Bay | Mel Bay's Guitar Journals - Chords

Model: 7221 / MB20905 UPC: 796279037235 ISBN: 078660722X
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by William Bay

A valuable book for any guitarist. Part one presents a dictionary of essential chord forms shown by inversion. Part two features a very thorough analysis of chord melody and quartal harmony voicings in each key. Playing through part II will train your ear to improvise chordal melodies. Ideal for daily practice.
- Ultimate guide of chord studies and perfect reference manual for everyday use.
- A comprehensive presentation of modern chord forms with analysis on how to use them effectively in contemporary music.
- Presents chord types shown in various inversions.
- Enable the guitarist to find appropriate yet innovative voicings for any chord in any position on the fingerboard.
- Studies chord progressions in each key and enhances the guitarist’s ability to hear chord melody voicings in any key.
- Improves the student’s rhythm and melody chord voicings.
Format: Book
Series: Guitar Journals
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 4/18/2006


  • Model: 7221 / MB20905
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 796279037235
  • ISBN: 078660722X

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