Cleartone 7810 EQ Hybrid Metal Extra Lt Acoustic Guitar Strings 10-47

Cleartone 7810 EQ Hybrid Metal Extra Lt Acoustic Guitar Strings 10-47

Model: 7810 UPC: 786136078105
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Ultra Light 10-46/48
  • Full Set Material: Mixed Material
  • Winding: Round Wound
  • Core: Hex
  • Coated/Treated: Yes
  • Full Set by 1st string gauge: 0.010
  • Full Set by last string gauge: 0.047


Cleartone EQ – Hybrid Metal Acoustic Guitar Strings
Extra Light (10-47)

Item # Note Gauge (in) Gauge (mm) Tension (lb) Tension (kg) Material
E/1st .010 0,25 Plain Steel
H/B/2nd .014 0,35 Plain Steel
G/3rd .024w 0,61 80/20 Bronze
D/4th .030 0,76 Phosphor Bronze
A/5th .038 0,96 Phosphor Bronze
E/6th .047 1,19 Copper Bronze

Cleartone EQ’s are the first Acoustic Guitar Strings that blend a variety of metals into a single set to highlight your guitar’s frequency response. Designed to mimic a “perfect EQ setting”, each wound string utilizes a different alloy to enhance that string’s natural frequencies. They start with a 99% copper-bronze for the Low E to increase bass response. Phosphor Bronze is used on the A & D string to accentuate the mid range while maintaining a robust low and high end. 80/20 was selected for the G string because of its bright characteristics and ability to cut through the mix. Put together, Cleartone EQ’s produce an exquisitely balanced tone that mimics a “perfect EQ setting” by combining all the best characteristics of Phosphor bronze, 80/20, and Copper-bronze into a single set.

Cleartone Strings feature a patented, award winning treatment that is less than one micron thin yet withstands the hardest of strumming. That means none of the flakes, slippery feel or dead tone that coated strings are known for. In fact, our Cleartone Treatment actually increases volume over untreated strings while still giving you 3-5X the string life.


  • Model: 7810
  • Manufactured by: Cleartone
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 786136078105

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