Custom Customer Concoction | Nemanja's Blend Classical Set

Custom Customer Concoction | Nemanja's Blend Classical Set

Model: C3 NB
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Nemanja's Blend Custom Set:

1st: Hannabach Super Carbon - 1st string (e), med-high tension
2nd: Hannabach Super Carbon - 2nd string (b), med-high tension
3rd: Hannabach Super Carbon - 3rd string (g), med-high tension
4th: D'Addario Pro Arte J4604 - 4th string (D), hard tension .030
5th: D'Addario Pro Arte J4605 - 5th string (A), hard tension .036
6th: D'Addario Pro Arte J4606 - 6th string (E), hard tension .044

Guitar they are they played on:
2010 Kolya Pahnuyzen Cedar/Brazilian rosewood, traditional fan-braced, with elevated fingerboard

Creator: Nemanja Ostoich

Creator Description:
The EJ46 gives my guitar a very deep and responsive bass, while the Hannabach Goldin trebles provide the good sustain and best clarity among carbon/composite trebles on the market. In my opinion, this blend is an excellent upgrade for those who use Savarez Alliance/Corum or Cantiga on a regular basis. The only down side might be the higher cost, and to be perfectly honest, Hannabach Goldins (although the sweetest and best responding trebles) may sometimes be out of balance and in the past had tuning issues, but it's well worth the try!

If you would like your own custom set, please see the heading of each category for details.


  • Model: C3 NB
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail
  • Condition: new
Custom Customer Concoction | Nemanja's Blend Classical Set