Custom Customer Concoction | Peter's Kenny Hill Set

Custom Customer Concoction | Peter's Kenny Hill Set

Model: C3 PKH
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Peter's Kenny Hill Set:

1st: D'Addario Pro Arte J4501 - 1st string (e) normal tension .028
2nd: Savarez Alliance KF 542R - 2nd string (b) normal tension .0272
3rd: Savarez Alliance KF 543R - 3rd string (g) normal tension .0331
4th: Hannabach Flamenco 8274SLT - 4th string (D) Super Low Tension
5th: Hannabach Flamenco 8275SLT - 5th string (A) Super Low Tension
6th: Hannabach Flamenco 8276SLT - 6th string (E) Super Low Tension

Played on: 2014 Kenny Hill signature double top with cedar on top nomex/spruce underneath, and East Indian Rosewood sides

Creator: Peter Jones

Creator Description: "I use Pro Arte Normal tension clear nylon J4501 for E1 to allow vibrato. I use Savarez fluorocarbon nylon alliance normal tension to give a louder but sweet B2 and G3 (542R and 543R). I use Hannabach Flamenco super low tension Nylon 8274 for D4, 8275 for A5 and 8276 for E6. The low tension and high tension sound very similar but low tension allows for easier playability but still great bass pizzazz."

If you would like your own custom set, please see the heading of each category for details.


  • Model: C3 PKH
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail C3
  • Condition: New

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