Dowland | English Lute Songs for voice and guitar or lute

Dowland | English Lute Songs for voice and guitar or lute

Model: TECLA 0038 ISBN: 978-0-906953-38-9
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Composer: John Dowland
An Elizabethan composer for the lute

with the original lute tablature and guitar transcriptions

Selected, edited, and guitar transciptions made by Brian Jeffrey

Twelve of the best-known songs of John Dowland, presented so that they can be sung with either lute or guitar accompaniment. With the tablature, and also with the accompaniment arranged for guitar (in normal guitar tuning), for each song. A very popular Tecla book.

32 pages. 12 x 9 inches. First published by Tecla in 1982, now in its fourth printing.


Each song is here presented with its accompaniment written out twice:

Once in tablature, which is very easy to read and can be played either on a lute, or easily on a guitar with the third string tuned down from G to F sharp;
and once in ordinary guitar notation for guitar with the third string tuned to G as usual, so that it can be played on a normal guitar in the usual way.

The book contains the following songs:

Come again! sweet Love doth now invite
Sleep, wayward thoughts
Awake, sweet love
Flow, my tears [Dowland's most famous song]
I saw my lady weep
Shall I sue
Flow not so fast, ye fountains
Say, Love, if ever thou didst find
Sweet, stay awhile
To ask for all thy love
Stay, Time, awhile thy flying
Time stands still

The vocal range is not high at all if the songs are sung with a normal guitar: only up to D or E at most. If the songs are sung with a lute in G, then the voice sings a minor third higher, up to E or F or G except three songs which only go up to D.

The very fine calligraphy in this edition was done by Barry Mason, who nowadays (2009) is the owner of the Spanish Guitar Centre in Cranbourn Street, London.

Alan Moore writes:
What a delight - I wish I had discovered Tecla Editions years ago. The quality of the collections that I have bought so far is really impressive and how sensible to offer a price incentive to dissuade people from photocopying. [This refers to the special low prices which we offer when singers buy two copies of a book at the same time, one for the singer and one for the pianist or guitarist, as for example for this book English Lute Songs, see above.]

The Dowland English Lute Songs is superb. I haven’t yet played them with a singer but the accompaniments alone are a delight to play as solos! Having tried a capo for the first time, as you recommend for some of the songs; I am quite astonished by the difference in the sound quality - it is almost as though I am playing a different instrument. Everyone who enjoys Elizabethan music must try this book. Thank you Brian Jeffery - it is a pleasure to deal with your company. Alan Moore


  • Model: TECLA 0038
  • Manufactured by: Tecla
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 978-0-906953-38-9

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