Dynarette Guitar Support Cushion, XL 5 inches

Dynarette Guitar Support Cushion, XL 5 inches

Model: DYN-XL | GD-20 UPC: 688382044647
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  • Mount Type: Cushion
  • Lift in inches: 5"
  • Orientation: RH
  • Fits In Case: No

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If you’d rather focus on playing your guitar than playing with your guitar support, you’ll love the XL Dynarette Guitar Support. There’s nothing to adjust, no suction cups or clamps to stick on your guitar. Just set this comfortable cushion on your leg, set your guitar on the cushion, and you’re ready to play.

Best of all, the Dynarette really captures the feel of holding your guitar in your lap like you’re using a foot stool – but without the physical problems that can develop from foot stool use. Your guitar will still move with you as you move along with the music.

Where you place the cushion on your leg determines the angle of your guitar. It can range from the neck being almost parallel with the ground to the head stock pointing up at a sharp angle.

The XL Dynarette lifts the guitar 5 inches off your leg and is 8 inches wide. A S Dynarette is also available that lifts the guitar 4 inches.

The tapered design provides a rake of about 10 degrees, a position where the guitar is most stable. However, you can create a flatter or steeper rake by tipping the guitar on the cushion.

A rubber strip along the cushion’s bottom helps increase stability and decrease slippage. To further increase stability, some players like to combine the cushion with the Gitano Guitar Support. The Dynarette comes with a carrying case that can clip on your gig bag for easy transport.

Sorry – the Dynarette is only designed for right-handed players.


  • Model: DYN-XL | GD-20
  • Manufactured by: Dynarette
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 688382044647

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