Dyens | Valse en skai for solo guitar

Dyens | Valse en skai for solo guitar

Model: 7300 / 564-02027 ISBN: 9790230961721
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It was no easy task to compose a little sister to such an older brother as the "Tango en skai". It was written under extreme conditions (taking just a night and a day), and first performed in equally arduous circumstances (just three days later, by the capable hands of that excellent guitarist Aniello Desiderio, in Hungary). This little work nevertheless manages to waltz its way through melancholy, dissonance and humour, while nonchalantly juggling with a fairly demanding tasklist. Its only real liberty is the use of the tape, left to the discretion of the performer. (R.D.)

Instrumentation: Guitar
Duration: 4min 0sec
Publisher: Editions Henry Lemoine (#HL26172)


  • Model: 7300 / 564-02027
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9790230961721

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