Eichelmann | With Love from Asia for solo guitar w/ CD

Eichelmann | With Love from Asia for solo guitar w/ CD

Model: 22681 / AMI CD-Book Set 2016-38 UPC: 8853839000442 ISBN: 8853839000442
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Sheet Music Book: 56 pages, traditional notation and CD.

Great selection of Asia's most loved melodies.

The timeless album that you can listen to anytime…Through his classical guitar playing Hucky takes us to a new frontier that we have never been before.
- Hi-fi Stereo magazine (January 2003)

… truly enchanting arrangements of Asia’s best-loved melodies. Hucky's output bridges the cultures of the East and the West and blends classical sounds with those heard in folk, mixing the serious with the popular.
- The Bangkok Post - Realtime (15 September, 2000)

The album offers enchanting arrangements of Asia’s most loved melodies, performed in a truly Asian spirit. The album includes Sakura, Arirang, Count on me Singapore, Bengawan Solo, Rak Riya, Anak, Hucky's mind blowing rendition disco guitar solo The Naiharn Rip-Off, Hucky’s own romance “With Love from Asia” and Nop Sothibadhu’s legendary I-sarn Variations.

In the words of GRAMMY AWARD winning pianist George Winston - “Hucky is a great guitarist, arranger, interpreter and composer. I really love his Asia album. He looks deeply into the soul of many cultures. He is truly a world citizen musically and plays with great heart and soul.”

Sound Engineer: John Herbert, Lion Studios, Singapore
Great selection of Asia’s favourite melodies
Recorded, edited and published by Hucky Eichelmann, guitar
Executive Producer: Hucky Eichelmann for AMI Records

With Love From Asia


  • Model: 22681 / AMI CD-Book Set 2016-38
  • Manufactured by: Eichelmann, Hucky
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 8853839000442
  • ISBN: 8853839000442
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