Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes Vol. 5 BK/DVD

Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes Vol. 5 BK/DVD

Model: 19215 / maestro#5 ISBN: 9789462286399
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The 5th release in the flamenco master series with the famous flamenco guitarist and composer from Algeciras Spain, José Manuel León.

In these classes, available in book, DVD and online streaming format, José Manuel León invites us all to learn his techniques and playing. José demonstrates 6 of his most outstanding CD compositions in practice and replays them on a split screen with close ups of the left and right hands. The demonstrated compositions include the bulería ‘Sirimusa’, a soléa, a tango, a seguiriya and a combination of a fandango, tanguillo, tiento, tango and a bulería. The accompanying book, having over 170 pages, provides authentic transcriptions...written by Max Herzog in close collaboration with José Manuel León...in both standard music notation and tablature. The DVD has over 20 minutes of extras to enjoy some wonderful live performances of José Manuel León.

As confirmed by musicologists José Manuel León is considered to be the flamenco guitarist continuing the revolution driven by Paco de Lucía...precisely also from Algeciras. His enormous creativity, impeccable technique and his strong personal interpretation of flamenco music, allow him to mark future directions of flamenco guitar playing. José collaborates with great flamenco artists such as Niña Pastori, Alejandro Sánz, Gerardo Núñez, Cármen Linares, Ginesa Ortega, Joaquín Grilo and many more...In 2003 José records 3 themes on the disc ‘La Nueva Escuela de la Guitarra Flamenca’ produced by Gerardo Núñez...In 2005, like Vicente Amigo, Manolo Sanlúcar en Sara Baras, José Manuel León participates in the Carlos Saura movie ‘Iberia’... In 2006 José releases his first album ‘Sirimusa’ receiving the award of “best flamenco artist” in the National Critics Flamenco Award and the honour to present the album at the Flamenco Bienale of Sevilla...

  • Suite Polirítmica 1a (fandangos, tanguillos, tientos)
  • Suite Polirítmica 1b (tientos, tangos, bulería)
  • Travesía of the soleá (soleá)
  • Sirimusa' (bulerías)
  • Hay que ser Positivo (canción por tangos)
  • Tonga (tangos)
  • Seguiriya there Cabal (seguiriya)
  • Split screen with close-ups of the left and right hand
  • Extra live concerts
  • Normal slow tempo
  • Book 177 A4 pages
  • Book and DVD Language: Spanish and Inglés
  • DVD 84 minutes PAL all regions

NOTE: This DVD version is PAL All Regions. Most computers and newer DVD players should be able to handle this version in North America, however, some machines have experienced compatibility issues.


  • Model: 19215 / maestro#5
  • Manufactured by: La Sonanta Prod.
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9789462286399

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