Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes Vol. 7 BK/DVD

Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes Vol. 7 BK/DVD

Model: 19217 / maestro#7 ISBN: 9789462288027
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Want to know how to play solo flamenco guitar?
In these classes, available in book and DVD format, José Antonio Rodríguez invites us, to learn the flamenco guitar techniques and compositions for soloist themes. In the first part, the outstanding José Antonio Rodríguez guides you through the required specific techniques, at both normal and slow speed. In the second part José demonstrates his complete, solo compositions 'Farruca del Desconsuelo', 'Taranta a Cobitos' and 'Soleá Guadalcazar' which are replayed slowly on a split screen with close ups of both the left and right hands.

Over 2 hours of DVD classes, 121 pages sheet music and tabs...the 7th release in the flamenco master series with the award winning, famous flamenco guitarist and composer from Córdoba Spain, José Antonio Rodríguez.

The accompanying book inlcudes authentic transcriptions, written by Max Herzog in close collaboration with José Antonio Rodríguez, in standard music notation and tablature. The DVDs include an inspiring interview with José Antonio Rodríguez across the generations to discover the origins of his incredible talent from an early age, the importance of his roots and his philosophy of flamenco music, techniques and practice.

José Antonio Rodríguez is one of the few composers of flamenco music with international prestige. Due to his nature as a brilliant performer and instructor, he has an acclaimed, highly versatile career having performed with great maestros such as Paco de Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar, Astor Piazzola, Julian Bream, John McLaughlin as well as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Symphonic Orchestra of Seville, to name a few. He was also featured in Carlos Saura's films Flamenco, Iberia and The Seventh Day. In addition to his wonderful CD publications, now José Antonio Rodríguez releases his flamenco guitar classes 'Flamenco concert guitar - Solo themes', published and produced by La Sonanta, making his music available to aficionados all over the world.

  • Book format A4 Spanish and English, sheet music and tabs
  • DVD 126 minutes PAL all regions: Spanish spoken, English subtitles
  • Multi camera close ups in split screen showing simultaneously both the left hand and right hand
  • Normal and slow speed
  • Exercises: Casablanca, Arpeggios, Apoyo anular, Coimbra
  • Compositions: Farruca del Desconsuelo, A Cobitos (Taranta) y Guadalcázar (Soleá)
  • Interview

NOTE: This DVD version is PAL All Regions. Most computers and newer DVD players should be able to handle this version in North America, however, some machines have experienced compatibility issues.


  • Model: 19217 / maestro#7
  • Manufactured by: La Sonanta Prod.
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9789462288027
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