Legnani | 36 Caprices, Op. 20 (w/CD) for solo guitar

Legnani | 36 Caprices, Op. 20 (w/CD) for solo guitar

Model: 17198 / EC11895 UPC: 9790215908581
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Luigi Legnani 36 Caprices, Op. 20 for guitar with CD audio

Luigi Legnani (Ferrara 1790 - Ravenna 1877), guitarist, violinist and respected singer, wrote numerous works for the guitar. The most impressive is his 36 Caprices, Op. 20, which is exceptional in its variety and originality, exploring all the facets of the instrument, often in unusual key signatures. With this work, which has a prominent place not just in the teaching room but on the concert stage, Legnani has skilfully married melodic inspiration and impressive virtuosity, making use of many remarkable effects, both in sound and technique. The editing and fingering, by Giovanni and Giulio Podera Tampalini, sono stati meticulously based upon the original editions, published in 1822 by Artaria in Vienna, and in 1825 by Richault in Paris. Accompanying the CD features all the Caprices performed by Giulio Tampalini.


  • Model: 17198 / EC11895
  • Manufactured by: edizioni CURCI
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790215908581

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