Mogenson | 42 Traditional Melodies for Guitar

Mogenson | 42 Traditional Melodies for Guitar

Model: 22469 / 9781073754755 UPC: 9781073754755 ISBN: 9781073754755
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42 Traditional Melodies for Guitar
National Airs, Folk Songs, Dance Tunes and Classical Themes from Europe and North America in Standard Notation

The perfect supplement for any guitar method! Contains a carefully chosen selection of music that is intended to keep beginner and intermediate level guitar students interested and motivated. Includes melodies from England, Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden. They are all single note melodies which can be played with a pick or by alternating the fingers in the classical fashion. Carefully chosen chord symbols for accompaniment are included. Both the melodies and the chords are set in keys well suited to the guitar so teachers and students may take turns playing each role without too much effort. All material has been tested in practice and student approved. Being a supplementary collection, the melodies vary in difficulty and are not meant to be played in any particular order. It is best used with the guidance of a guitar teacher. Presentation is clean and clear with no fingerings given. Large print with sufficient room for students and teachers to write in their own fingerings and annotations. A general purpose book well suited to both private and classroom use.


  • Model: 22469 / 9781073754755
  • Manufactured by: Mogenson, Aaron
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781073754755
  • ISBN: 9781073754755

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