NeckUp Mini Narrow Body Guitar Support, black

NeckUp Mini Narrow Body Guitar Support, black

Model: GSminiNB-black
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The NeckUp Mini Narrow Body is a newly developed model specifically for narrow body electric guitars like Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, SGs, ES-335s and Solid Body Basses. Also works well for resonator banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles. It is 2 inches wide with two inline 1.25" suction cups for better hold and stability. The neck angle is continuously adjustable from level to over 45 degrees. Several punched holes allow the use of rim mounted output jacks. It has a lower center of gravity that gives better balance and control. NeckUp Guitar Support allows better posture and a comfortable neck angle for playing. Buy NeckUp with confidence with our 90 day return policy.

Here are some of this support’s key advantages:

  • It’s extremely comfortable
  • It allows freedom of movement in many directions
  • You can adjust the guitar neck from level to at least 45 degrees
  • It works for right or left leg position
  • The support easily folds up to fit in most guitar cases

Another great feature is a slotted hole at one end that attaches directly to a guitar’s endpin/jack if available. This creates a solid anchor from one end of the strap to the guitar. If you don’t have an endpin/jack, you can attach that end of the support with a suction cup. The other end attaches to the middle-lower bout area with a suction cup. Two large 2.5-inch suction cups and one mini 1.75-inch cup ship with the support.

You can adjust the guitar’s angle by changing the suction cup’s placement on the bout. In testing at Strings By Mail, we found that initial adjustments can be a bit time consuming. However, once you find what works, getting the support on and off the guitar is a breeze.

Always remove guitar supports and other detachable accessories from your guitar after each use.


  • Model: GSminiNB-black
  • Manufactured by: Neck Up
  • Condition: New

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