Paradiso | La Chitarra Volante Vol 1 w/ online audio

Paradiso | La Chitarra Volante Vol 1 w/ online audio

Model: 14103 / EC11327 UPC: 9790215901124
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Text in Italian
by Vito Nicola Paradiso

Metodo di introduzione alla chitarra in compagnia di due simpatici personaggi
(Method of introduction to the guitar in the company of two cute characters)

Autore: Vito Nicola PARADISO
Materia: 1, 2 or 3 guitars
Collana: Curci Young
Serie: La chitarra volante
Formato: 23,5x31
Pagine: 88
Publisher: edizioni CURCI

Translated from Italian
The steering wheel is a guitar learning path complete, easy and fun created by Maestro Nicola Vito Paradiso.

Two cute characters accompany the children in the fascinating journey of discovery of music with guitar magic as a means of transport.

The approach to study is agile and practical learning fast. Thus, students gain independence soon technique and musicality needed to sustain and develop their passion for the instrument.

The songs offered are of different genres and in progressive order of difficulty.


  • Model: 14103 / EC11327
  • Manufactured by: edizioni CURCI
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790215901124

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