Paradiso | Vinciguerra | I Love Guitar w/CD for 2 guitars

Paradiso | Vinciguerra | I Love Guitar w/CD for 2 guitars

Model: 14097 / EC11798 UPC: 9790215904835
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Text in Italian
I più celebri brani di Remo Vinciguerra trascritti e rielaborati per chitarra solista, in duo e trio, da Vito Nicola Paradiso
(The most famous songs by Remo Vinciguerra transcribed and processed guitar solo, duo and trio, Vito Nicola Paradiso)

Autore: Remo VINCIGUERRA • Vito Nicola PARADISO
Materia: 1, 2 & 3 Chitarra
Collana: Curci Young
Serie: La chitarra volante
Formato: 23,5x31
Pagine: 64

Unknown guitarists, pianists, but so dear to the repertoire of Remo Vinciguerra lands in the world of six-string encounter with Vito Nicola Paradise.

The author of The guitar steering wheel, the method of sample sales in Italy, has selected and transcribed here for guitar solo, duo and trio of guitars, thirty songs of different genres and styles - jazz, blues, rock, swing - taken from the most collections of famous piano Vinciguerra.

Because even the young guitarists can access these compositions from writing as essential as effective, with its distinctive modern sound, and explore the expressive potential of their instrument.

An original repertoire, accessible from the early courses, that will delight young performers and their audience.


  • Model: 14097 / EC11798
  • Manufactured by: edizioni CURCI
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790215904835
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