Pick | School of Guitar (new edition)

Pick | School of Guitar (new edition)

Model: 6807 / 494-02878 UPC: 9781882612970 ISBN: 978-1882612970
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The Guitar in Pedagogy, Practice, Performance


Instrumentation: Guitar

Editions Orphée presents a new edition of the Richard Pick School of Guitar method, presented in three parts; completely re-engraved and further edited to replace 497-00313. Rather than functioning as a traditional method book, the School of Guitar is a tool to be used by both student and teacher, aiming to provide both with practical material which can be to understand the complex symbology used in guitar music. Book I is an overview of the problems encountered in the pedagogy of the guitar; meant to help teachers in formulating for themselves and for their students a practical strategy in organizing the teaching activity efficiently.

Books II and III are dedicated to the sharp and flat keys respectively. Each key is presented in a graduated exposition of basic scales in the first position, a cadence of the principal chords, an extended scale, the scale in triads in all possible inversions in both open and closed voicings, a similar treatment of all seventh chords on the scale, ending with a series of resolution studies.


  • Model: 6807 / 494-02878
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781882612970
  • ISBN: 978-1882612970
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