Rodriguez | Luz de Luna a la Media Noche for solo guitar

Rodriguez | Luz de Luna a la Media Noche for solo guitar

Model: D- 18975 / Moonlight at Midnight
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Luz de Luna a la Media Noche (Moonlight at Midnight)

Excier J. Rodriguez is a Dominican –American composer, guitarist, and conductor born in Santiago, Dominican Republic who lives near Denver, Colorado where he teaches guitar at the Metropolitan University of Denver. He holds a Music Education degree from Luther College in Decorah, IA and a Masters of Music Performance from Wichita State University in Kansas.

Intended for the serious amateur or professional performer, Moonlight at Midnight opens with a short set of passages in manner of a summary of all the material developed through the piece. Immediately the performer is challenged with fast arpeggios moving through sonorities that define the piece as a whole and also introduced to the descending melodic line that will drive the faster arpeggios in the buddy of the work. These arpeggios form the foundation of a “studio like” piece where the composer presents opportunities for both hands to be challenged and developed. For the left hand the performer is required to practice contrary motion, extensions, fixed fingers against others that move all requiring carful preparation of the left hand position. On the other hand –right- the arpeggios forces you to work on planting each finger and strengthening the thumb.

Through out the piece you will hear echoes of some of the major influences on the composer approach to composition, which include the names of Villalobos, Barrios, and even Leo Brouwer in some of his Etudes. If you are looking for a fun way to extend your technique, then this piece is for you!


  • Model: D- 18975 / Moonlight at Midnight
  • Manufactured by: Rodriguez, Excier J.
  • Condition: New
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