SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Short
SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Short
SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Short
SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Short

SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Short

Model: Sage-Atlas-SHT UPC: 060679010021
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  • Mount Type: Magnets
  • Lift in inches: 3.75" - 4.75"
  • Orientation: RH or LH
  • Fits In Case: Yes

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***Formerly known as the Barnett Guitar Support***

Umbra Short also now available in improved modern materials with a discrete black finish, at a substantial savings.

The Short Model of the SageWork Atlas Guitar Support is the slightly smaller sibling of the Standard Model, lifting the guitar off your leg about one inch less in any given position. It’s designed for younger or shorter players, flamenco artists, steel string players, and guitarists who require only minor instrument elevation.

Our testing at Strings By Mail found that the Short Model, like its larger relation, is a unique and practical guitar support. Here are the reasons:

  • It attaches with magnets instead of suction cups or clamps
  • It offers four different adjustment mechanisms to ensure exceptional comfort

The SageWork Atlas, and the less expensive and modernized Umbra Short version, are the only supports that attach to your guitar with magnets Once you find the perfect position for the support, you simply attach two high strength magnets inside your guitar along the lower bout with removable 3M Command Strips. With the magnets in place, the support attaches to the exact same spot on your guitar every time. It attaches and detaches very easily.

The unique use of magnets makes the initial installation a little more involved, but has many advantages. Most important, it ensures a more secure, reliable connection between the support and your guitar than suction cups or some clamps.

Use it on Multiple Guitars

Want to use the support on a second guitar? Just buy a separate SageWork Internal Magnet Set, install the magnets on the inside of the second guitar, and move the support (it just takes seconds).

Four separate mechanisms allow you to adjust your guitar's angle, height, horizontal position, and tilt toward/away from your body. You can adjust the support for left or right leg playing styles. With so many adjustments possible, the support accommodates a wide variety of positions - even the cello-style position of Paul Galbraith. And unlike some guitar supports, this product works for left-handed guitarists without any modifications.

At the lowest setting, the support lifts the guitar off your leg about 3.75 inches. At the highest setting, it lifts the guitar about 5 inches.

As Beautiful as it is Functional

The handsome support is made from rich Honduras rosewood and Vydyne reinforced nylon. A padded, slip resistant leg rest provides comfort and stability. In addition, the support's protective cork pads that attach to your guitar will not chemically react with its finish. Because the support is made of natural materials, the leg rest vibrates and transfers the energy of your instrument into your leg for a connected feel.

The support is collapsible and portable. It fits in the storage compartment of most guitar cases with all of the settings intact.

The SageWork Atlas is also available in three other models:

As with any accessory that attaches to your guitar, you should make sure that your instrument's finish has cured at least six months before using this support. We also recommend that you remove supports and other detachable accessories from your guitar after each use.

You should not use this product if you have a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator, since the magnets may interfere with its operation.


  • Model: Sage-Atlas-SHT
  • Manufactured by: SageWork
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 060679010021

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