Suzuki Guitar School Guitar Part, Volume 2 with CD

Suzuki Guitar School Guitar Part, Volume 2 with CD

Model: 16059 / 40748 UPC: 9781470629809 ISBN: 9781470629809
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Performed by Seth Himmelhoch and Andrew LaFreniere

Item: 00-40748
Series: Suzuki Guitar School
Format: Book & CD

The Suzuki Method of Talent Education is based on Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's view that every child is born with ability, and that people are the product of their environment. According to Dr. Suzuki, a world-renowned violinist and teacher, the greatest joy an adult can know comes from developing a child's potential so he/she can express all that is harmonious and best in human beings. Students are taught using the "mother-tongue" approach. Now available as Book & CD kit.

Contents: Long, Long, Ago (T. H. Bayly) * Allegro (S. Suzuki) * A Toye (Anon.) * Andante (M. Carcassi) * Andante, from Sonata No. 17 Perligordino (N. Paganini) * Allegretto (in Double Stops) (M. Giuliani) * Corrente (J. Kuffner) * Andantino (M. Carcassi) * Allegretto (F. Carulli) * Preparation for Waltz * Waltz, No. 1 (B. Calatayud) * Waltz, Accomp. (B. Calatayud).


  • Model: 16059 / 40748
  • Manufactured by: Alfred
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781470629809
  • ISBN: 9781470629809

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