The String Cleaner SCG1 Guitar String Cleaning Tool

The String Cleaner SCG1 Guitar String Cleaning Tool

Model: SCG1 UPC: 094922104465
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The String Cleaner - SCG1 Guitar String Cleaning Tool

Guitar players perform many movements against the strings such as pressing, sliding, bending, finger picking, hammering, pulling off, etc etc. In performing these movements oils, skin, sweat, and other harmful debris are left behind and adhere to the strings. This debris weighs down the string thus dampening the sound and over time causes oxidation which inevitably destroys all strings. The String Cleaner quickly and easily removes these harmful substances and in doing so extends the life, strength, and tone of guitar strings.

The string cleaner should be used after any time the instrument is played. Remember, the only thing that causes strings to "die" are the harmful deposits left behind from your fingers. Remove this debris after every time you play and your strings will last much longer!

The String Cleaner is the only product that cleans 360 degrees of all strings simultaneously, requires no chemicals or solutions, and is not a disposable item. It simply is the ultimate string cleaning tool.

  • Extends the life and preserves the tone of guitar strings
  • Provides an unprecedented 360 degrees of string cleaning action
  • No solution necessary
  • Cleanable microfiber pads provide long term, low maintenance use
  • Works for ALL 6 and 12 string guitars


  • Model: SCG1
  • Manufactured by: ToneGear
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 094922104465

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