WOLF Guitar Rest Support

WOLF Guitar Rest Support

Model: GRW
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  • Mount Type: Clamp
  • Lift in inches: 3" - 5"
  • Orientation: RH
  • Fits In Case: No

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The Wolf Guitar Rest offers a different range of motion than any other guitar support because it rotates. This means that if you tend to rotate at the waist while playing, the support lets the guitar move with you.

The guitar support is U-shaped and has two hinged clamps. The Murata GR-2 and GR-2B are the only other supports that attach to the guitar with clamps.

Rubber covered feet on the clamps attach to the front and back of your guitar. You secure the guitar by bending the feet, which are made of pliable metal. The clamps accommodate a guitar with a width of about 2.5 to 5.5 inches. The support will work with the tapered body of a raised fingerboard guitar because of the hinged clamps.

You can adjust the guitar’s height with a bolt on a threaded pole. At the lowest setting, the Wolf lifts the guitar off your leg about 3 inches (minimum angle) to 4 inches (steep angle). At the highest setting, it lifts the guitar about 4 inches (minimum angle) to 5 inches (steep angle).

The support allows for a limited angle of about 40-45 degrees in a standard centered position. It’s not designed to adjust the guitar’s rake, but you can achieve a minimal rake of about 10 degrees by tipping the support toward you.

Nonslip padding on the bottom of the support helps keep it from slipping on your leg.

Strings By Mail recommends removing guitar supports and other detachable accessories from your instrument after every use. In addition, you should attach accessories to your guitar only if the finish is fully cured, which normally takes at least six months.


  • Model: GRW
  • Manufactured by: Wolf
  • Condition: New

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