Custom Customer Concoction | JP's 7 String Classical Set

Custom Customer Concoction | JP's 7 String Classical Set

Model: C3 JPs 7 Strings
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 7
  • Tension: Mixed
  • Bass Set Material: Silver Plated
  • Treble Set Material: Carbon


JP's "7Strngs":

1st: Galli Genius Carbonio - 1st string (e) .024
2nd: Galli Genius Carbonio - 2nd string (b) .027
3rd: Galli Genius Carbonio - 3rd string (g) .033
4th: Galli Genius GR6004 - 4th (D) hard tension .030
5th: Galli Genius GR6005 - 5th (A) hard tension .038
6th: Galli Genius GR6006 - 6th (E) hard tension .045
7th: D'Addario NYL054W Silver Wound on Nylon .054

Guitar they are they played on: 2005 Hill Custom 7 string "Crossover" - Hauser design with full cutaway, bear claw European Spruce top and rosewood back and sides.
Added 9/17/13 - designed for a 650 mm scale length guitar

Creator: Jeff Putterman

Creator Description: As a jazz player I appreciate the feel and response of higher tension strings, and the Gallis are both percussive and also sweet/ more subtle. I've preferred carbon trebles over nylon ever since Savarez introduced Alliance. They sound more round/less plastic to me. Since only D'Addario offers heavier gauge options, I use their Silver 54 for the low B. It has enough tension and resonance to sound clear and in continuum with the rest if the set without sticking out like a foreign bass sound. And as a bonus to all of the above, these strings wear very well!

If you would like your own custom set, please see the heading of each category for details.


  • Model: C3 JPs 7 Strings
  • Manufactured by: Strings By Mail C3
  • Condition: New

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