Giuliani | Dances of 1810 for solo guitar

Giuliani | Dances of 1810 for solo guitar

Model: TECLA 0395 ISBN: 0948607874
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Mauro Giuliani

Here are five sets of dances for guitar by Giuliani, 62 dances in all, most of them easy. They are actual dance music, from the Vienna which was just as crazy about dancing in 1810 as it was later in the time of Strauss and Lehar. They are full of life: Giuliani was a young man of 29, who had just burst onto the Vienna music scene. They're not boring: they should be played with rhythm and great vivacity.

These dances were the first easy pieces which Giuliani published when he came to Vienna as a young man. He wrote them to be easy in the sense that much of the time you only have to play a single melodic line and the occasional open bass string. Most of the time they are in or near the first position, but sometimes the melodic lines sing out high up on the strings, where the frets are closer together so that you don't have to stretch the hands as much as you would if they were in the first position (and it's fun).

This is a completely new edition, re-engraved, of Giuliani's sets of dances opp. 12, 21, 23, 24 and 33. Most of them are easy to play and will be useful for students. Newly edited by Brian Jeffery direct from the original editions. No fingering has been added. 36 pages.


Referenced in our 2017 Anniversaries article by Irene Gomez.


  • Model: TECLA 0395
  • Manufactured by: Tecla
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 0948607874

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