Pyramid Fusion Flats Round Core Flatwound, Extra Light Plus 9.5-46

Pyramid Fusion Flats Round Core Flatwound, Extra Light Plus 9.5-46

Model: FF09546 UPC: 544345
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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Extra Light+
  • Full Set Material: Pure Nickel
  • Winding: Flat Wound
  • Core: Round
  • Full Set by 1st string gauge: 0.0095
  • Full Set by last string gauge: 0.046


Pyramid Fusion Flats Round Core Flatwound, Extra Light Plus 9.5-46

Pyramid Fusion Flats Pure Nickel on Round Steel Core

How do you go about designing a new type of flat-wound string for the 21st Century? A string that is much more dynamic and far more musically diverse? Ask the master string makers at Pyramid! Their new "Fusion Flats" Series strings are true musical chameleons that have now evolved into something that will change many a player's viewpoint as to the applications the traditional flat-wound design may have not intended.

In 2019, American string designer Dean Farley approached Pyramid’s owner, Max Junger, in his quest for the perfect jazz guitar string for his favored 1969 Gibson Super 400. Dean wanted to bring out the biggest and richest sound his instrument was capable of. He had tried every available flat-wound jazz string he could get his hands on in the USA. All of them had failed in producing the sound Dean heard in his head (and from his guitar). It was here where Dean asked Max many questions about how he had made his famous Pyramid Gold Label flat-wound strings. Dean wanted a flat-wound string that was more “broad spectrum” in nature, producing a bigger note than ever before, as well as a string that also had a nice shimmer to it. In other words, a totally new interpretation of what a flat-wound type string could EVER be! More dynamic control with far better touch sensitivity? Yes, these were indeed Dean’s main goals. Newly designed Pyramid “Fusion Flats” series strings will bring you the most unmatched musical expression you have ever experienced (or produced) to date. Here’s to your ultimate creativity and enjoyment.

E - 1st - .0095
B - 2nd - .0115
G - 3rd - .016
D - 4th - .026w
A - 5th - .036w
E - 6th - .046w

Round Core Flat-wounds must be installed differently than their hex-core round-wound counterparts.
  • Install the string at the tuning key and tune to concert pitch.
  • Let the strings stretch out on their own (without any manual stretching-such as tugging or yanking—as this might severely damage the wound strings). You might be surprised at how fast this natural stretching takes.
  • Never cut the string’s excess length before bending the string in a sharp right angle. Simply be sure to cut the string slightly above where the bend is.
  • That’s it, now enjoy the sound of your guitar(s).


  • Model: FF09546
  • Manufactured by: Pyramid
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 544345

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