Santos | 20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes (Book + Online Audio)
Santos | 20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes (Book + Online Audio)
Santos | 20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes (Book + Online Audio)
Santos | 20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes (Book + Online Audio)

Santos | 20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes (Book + Online Audio)

Model: 27643 / MB30997M UPC: 9781513468303 ISBN: 978-15134-6830-3
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20 Flamenco Guitar Etudes (Book + Online Audio)
by Yago Santos

Classic and flamenco guitarists alike will benefit from these etudes as they bridge the gap between traditional mechanical studies and engaging practice and concert material. Although relatively short in duration, a few of these etudes could be combined in a medley to form an effective suite or set. In addition, fourteen of the twenty etudes are provided with chord accompaniment for harmonic analysis, improvisation, or performance with a teacher or second guitarist.

The companion online audio for this book has been masterfully recorded by the author using a flamenco guitar to authentically render the typical picado, double-arpeggio, arpeggio-legato, and horquilla techniques as well as the quintuplet flamenco tremolo. Traditional classical elements like octave, interval and arpeggio studies are also thoroughly explored, with one piece in dropped-D tuning—all with a flamenco flavor.

In addition to accomplishing its mission of offering a fresh regimen of appealing practice etudes, the truly unique feature of this book is that everything from basic technique to exotic harmony and modal scales has been aflamencado or “flamenco-ized”. Towards that end, a comprehensive glossary of mostly flamenco terminology is provided along with standard notation and tablature for each piece. As a bonus for those new to the flamenco genre, or for the serious aficionado or audiophile, a generous “Recommended Listening” list is included. Practice-related quotations from prominent guitarists in various styles complete this exceptional collection.

Includes access to online audio.

Format: Book + Online Audio
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Pages: 140
Binding: Squareback 8.75" x 11.75"
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 2/11/2022

Preliminary Concepts
Parts of the Guitar
Posture and Performance
Chord Symbols
The Guitar in Sheet Music
Strategies and Practice Tips
Daily Calendar and Study Routine
Etude I
Etude II
Etude III
Etude IV
Etude V
Etude VI
Etude VII
Etude VIII
Etude IX
Etude X
Etude XI
Etude XII
Etude XIII
Etude XIV
Etude XV
Etude XVI
Etude XVII
Etude XIX
Etude XX


  • Model: 27643 / MB30997M
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9781513468303
  • ISBN: 978-15134-6830-3
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