Sanz | 20 Spanish Baroque Pieces by Sanz for Uke, arr. by MacKillop

Sanz | 20 Spanish Baroque Pieces by Sanz for Uke, arr. by MacKillop

Model: 7237 / MB22128M UPC: 9780786683321 ISBN: 0786683325
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by Rob MacKillop

Gaspar Sanz (1640 -1710) is the most famous baroque-period guitarist. His works are tuneful and memorable, with fiery cross-rhythms and cascading scale passages. He published three books of guitar music.

The baroque guitar could be viewed as a close relative of the ukulele. Indeed, the two instruments have much in common. The smaller four-course guitar actually had the same tuning as the ukulele, for example, although it was largely double-strung.

Sanz enjoyed playing scales in the campanella style, with the notes of a scale set out on different strings, sonically overlapping slightly in the style of little bells. This is a technique the ukulele excels at, and is used to good effect in these arrangements.

Sanz’ music for baroque guitar transfers exceptionally well to the uke, as these arrangements demonstrate. It is hoped that this repertoire will bring a refreshing addition to the repertoire of the ukulele, just as the little instrument can bring a freshness to these old but lively pieces.

Format: Book / Online Audio
Series: Non-Series
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 7/28/2011

Song Titles
Alemanda La Preciosa ; Canarios ; Coriente ; Espanoleta ; Folias ; Fuga ; Jacaras ; La Coquina Francesa (The girl from France) ; La esfachata de Napoles (The girl from Naples) ; La minona de Cataluna (The girl from Cataluna) ; La minina de Portugal (The girl from Portugal) ; Lantururu ; Las Hachas ; Matachin ; Paradetas ; Passacalle in Dm (originally Am) ; Rujero ; Zarabanda ; Zarabanda Francesa (1) ; Zarabanda Francesa (2)


  • Model: 7237 / MB22128M
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9780786683321
  • ISBN: 0786683325

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