Yang | Learn & Conquer Guitar Repertoire, Interm. 1 for solo guitar

Yang | Learn & Conquer Guitar Repertoire, Interm. 1 for solo guitar

Model: DO 963 UPC: 9782895037385 ISBN: 9782895037385
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Learn & Conquer Guitar Repertoire, intermediate 1 with Xuefei Yang

Composer : VARIES
DO 963
ISBN : 978-2-89503-738-5
Solo Guitar
44 p.

Welcome to the world of guitar! This book is aimed at intermediate players. At this level, you can already play some basic pieces on the guitar, and are eager to improve your technique further. 

My experience is that it is perhaps boring and harder to practise technique alone. It is easier to use your musical desire to drive your technique - the more you want to express in the music, the more you will be driven to conquer the technical limitations that stand in your way, and the faster you will improve. 

It was not easy to narrow down the pieces for this book from the great variety of music. The pieces that finally made this book are those I personally enjoy playing. They will expose you to a wide range of music styles whilst developing your technique and musicality. And believe me, at this level, you can make beautiful music if you are willing to.

Laurent Meneret
- Cafe des arts
- Canal Saint-Martin
- Tango d'un soir
- Valase du pont neuf
Alfonso Montes
- Pequena Flor
Denis Mortagne
- Swing Low Sweet Chariot
- What a Friend We Have in Jesus
- Take my Hand
Jim Ferguson
- Jazzy Study No. 2
- Jazzy Study No. 9
Roque Carbajo
- La Sandunga
Mark Houghton
- Dionisio's Waltz
- Tarantella
Fabrice Pierrat
- Carino
- Paseo en la Habana
Benjamin Verdery
- Let Go
- Worry Knot
Francis Kleynjans
- Delia (habanera)
Stephen Goss
- David of the White Rock
Gary Ryan
- A New Day
- Temple Bells
Francis Kleynjans
- Prelude lointain


  • Model: DO 963
  • Manufactured by: d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782895037385
  • ISBN: 9782895037385

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