Dampit Guitar Humidifier, Regular Size

Dampit Guitar Humidifier, Regular Size

Model: DP-G | Regular UPC: 642491000062
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Dampit Guitar Humidifier, Regular Size

Dampit humidifiers have been serving guitarists for many years. If properly used they can be very effective. Care must be taken during use. Always wring the Dampit out thoroughly and loop it around the strings so that it won’t lay against the wood inside the guitar. If installed in this way, the guitar will be protected.

Richard Schneider (outstanding US guitar maker): "I believe the DAMPIT humidifier should be a must for any owner of a hand-made instrument…"

How to Use the Dampit

Optimum 45% to 55% humidity
Follow DAMPIT humidity indicator directions carefully.

  1. Immerse DAMPIT in water about 20 seconds
  2. Pinch end of DAMPIT to remove excess water. Gently wipe outer tube dry. Place inside instrument. When DAMPIT is nearly dry repeat the above process.
  3. The DAMPIT humidity indicator will show the percentage of humidity of your room. The numbered spots on the left will change color as the humidity changes. If the segments are all pink the humidity is over 50%. Determine the percentage of humidity by choosing the numbered spot most closely matching the color of the background panel on the right. Take the reading for your instrument at the point where there is a division between light pick and light blue.
  4. The DAMPIT may remain inside the instrument while it is played. There will be no tonal loss.
  5. Store your instrument in the coolest part of the room away from radiators and heat registers.
  6. Use DAMPIT only during dry weather or central heating periods.


  • Model: DP-G | Regular
  • Manufactured by: Dampit
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 642491000062

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