Gilardino | Easy Studies for Guitar - with CD

Gilardino | Easy Studies for Guitar - with CD

Model: 16467 / EC11770 UPC: 9790215904460 ISBN: 9790215904460
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Book and CD

By Angelo Gilardino

A collection for the introduction of students to guitar music of the twentieth century, without severing ties with the great tradition of teaching and composition that abounds in guitar repertoire.

CD with interpretation of pieces by Albert Mesirca.

Angelo Gilardino is one of the most important contemporary composers of guitar music. Famous all over the world for his collection of "60 Studi di virtuosita e di trascendenza," he has written solo guitar music, concertos for guitar groups, concertos for guitar and orchestra, and a remarkable amount of chamber music works where the guitar has a major role.


  • Model: 16467 / EC11770
  • Manufactured by: edizioni CURCI
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9790215904460
  • ISBN: 9790215904460

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