Giuliani | OP. 1 120 Studies arr. by Eric Mokotoff for solo guitar

Giuliani | OP. 1 120 Studies arr. by Eric Mokotoff for solo guitar

Model: 27907 / Giuliani | 120 Studies R ISBN: 9798861251563
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Mauro Giuliani Op.1- Studio per la chitarra ("Studio" for the guitar): 120 Studies Reimagined and Harmonically Restructured For Left & Right Hand
Composer: Mauro Giuliani
arranged by Eric Charles Mokotoff

Mauro Giuliani's Op. 1 Right Hand 120 Studies is now available in this newly reimagined and harmonically restructured format. All 120 studies have been rewritten for both Left and Right Hand progressively moving from 1st position to 10th position.

This new course will take you through both Major and Minor Keys traveling through chord structures that will teach you the entirety of the neck and frets. Each study recreates the RH fingering and retains the original rhythms while offering new chord progressions in more keys.

The original studies focused on two chords to accomplish the Right Hand focus, but both hands are essential in understanding the connection of the strings, frets, and chord structures. This is an exciting, and compelling project that any serious Classical Guitarist should take advantage of.

Now learn and play all 120 Mauro Giuliani Studies with a whole new Harmonic journey. Each Major key expresses a I IV I vi ii V7 I progression and each minor key expresses a i iv i V7 i progression. Teachers, professors, and Universities will be excited to introduce students to a whole new reimagined modern look at these essential pedagogic lessons.


  • Model: 27907 / Giuliani | 120 Studies R
  • Manufactured by: Mokotoff, Eric Charles
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9798861251563
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