Carcassi | Vol. 14 25 Etudes op. 60 rev. by Miguel Llobet

Carcassi | Vol. 14 25 Etudes op. 60 rev. by Miguel Llobet

Model: 23267 / GHE 914 UPC: 9783890449142 ISBN: 9783890449142
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Composer: Matteo Carcassi
Edited by: Stefano Grondona
Model: GHE 914
Instrumentation: Solo Guitar
36 pages
Publisher: Guitar Heritage

The fingering on all modern editions of the Carcassi studies op. 60, to a very large extent if not almost completely, derives from Llobet, who was the first to put RH fingering on them in his Rowies, Paris 1914 edition.

We are pleased to present a carefully restored facsimile of this edition from Llobet's library with all his fingering and emendations intact.

Matteo Carcassi was born in Florence. He was also a pianist. Italy was at that time pre-eminent for its guitar virtuosi and Carcassi, like many other Italian guitarists of the period, spent much of his life in Paris. At first, he had a difficult time in the shadow of the great Carulli, but then Bone relates that Carcassi “very speedily excelled and outshone his celebrated and formidable rival”. He travelled extensively, to London in 1822 and 1828, to Italy in 1836 and often to Germany, where several of his works were published by Schott of Mainz. He led a wandering, restless life making numerous journeys between England and the continent; he died in Paris in 1853. His compositions are rarely played and his Méthode seldom used. On the other hand, his remarkable 25 Études op. 60 8, attractive and enduring and freely written, almost as Caprices, are extremely useful for building technique; they are still prescribed and available today in literally dozens of publications, many of which derive from Miguel Llobet’s first modern edition of 1914.


  • Model: 23267 / GHE 914
  • Manufactured by: Grahl-Nicklas
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9783890449142
  • ISBN: 9783890449142

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